Pink Aesthetic

When you think about what makes an attractive smile, white and straigh teeth may pop up in your mind first. What about the appereance of your gum and lips? We are here to provide you a smile beyond teeth what is called pink aesthetic.

We first focus on the health of your gums. Healthy gums are light coral pink in colour, scalloped in contour and firm in texture. People suffering from gingivitis (an inflammation of the gums) flashes inflammed look when they smile. The gums look red, swollen, loose its firmness and can bleed easily. When the gum recedes the roots of the teeth become visible. 


A gingival band of 1 to 3 mm to show when smiling creates a youthfull look. While aging, lengthening of the upper lip hides the gum line. Gingival display more than 3 mm during speech or smile is called gummy smile which is considered unattractive. 

There are several causes that creates gummy smile look:

Enlared gum tissue 

Short upper lip

Overgrown upper jaw bone 

Over-active lip muscles during smile


Gingivoplasty is the process of surgically reshaping and recontouring the gum lines bringing them back into proportion with the rest of your smile. 

In case the gingiva drapes too much portion of the crown, the teeth appear shorter than they actually are. Excess gum tissue covering the crown is removed by gingivoplasty. So the teeth becomes more visible while unplesant excess gum tissue recontoured into its anatomical position.

A number of clinical conditions like unsteady and irregular gum contour can also be reshaped easily by gingivoplasty.

Botox Injection

If the muscles that provide the movement of the upper lip are overactive, the upper lip is pulled too high during smile showing excess gum. Injection of Botox into overactive lip muscles, reduces muscle tone and limits the excessive upward movement of the upper lip which in turn reduce the amount of gum shown when smiling. 

Botox injection in this area also enhance the appearance of the upper lip. It lengthens the upper lip, making it appear larger without actually adding any volume. 

The injection needs to be repeated every 4-6 months as the effect is temporary. On the plus side, as the doses involved are so tiny, the cost is minimal.

Filler injection

Some people may also display little upper lip when they smile. Adding a lip filler injection into the upper lip, reduce the amount of gum shown by increasing the thickness of your lips and helping to balance the shape. 

Lip fullness can decrease with age. Injectable lip fillers help plumping the lips to counter the effects of aging. 

The filler used in the lips can be expected to last for about six to twelve months, depending on the filler type used and your own ability to metabolize the filler. 

Orthognatic corrective surgery

Too much downward growth of the upper jaw bone causes disproportion of jaw bones. As a result, the soft tissue surrounding the mouth are insufficient to cover the overdeveloped bony structure (and the gum covering it). Surgically lifting the upper jaw upwards reduce the height of the jaw. Surgery establishes ideal facial proportions as well as reducing gum display.