Smile Makeover

We generate happiness by building radiant smiles…

Do you ever find yourself hiding your smile’s imperfections? Smile makeover has so much options to give you a flawless smile.  

The shape, size, color and aligning of the teeth are the key factors to an attractive smile. Soft tissue factors such as gum contours and level, lip fullness, so called pink aesthetics, are as important in the treatment planning. In addition, the shape of the face, the gender and age of the individual are taken into account to create a smile design.


Aesthetic Dentistry that focuses on aesthetic transformation of smiles is a multidisciplinary approach. The treatment approach may involve one or more of the following:

  • Restorative techniques such as teeth whitening, composite filling, lamina, crown
  • Surgical methods such as dental implant, gum shaping
  • Mechanical approaches such as teeth alignment
  • İnjections such as botulinum injections and lip filler applications

The ideal treatment plan is designed in accordance with the wishes of our patients. The table below provides examples of possible clinical conditions that you may also suffer from and possible aesthetic solutions. Information about each treatment option is explained in detail. Click on the link.


Treatment Alternatives

Light discoloration and staining

Professional cleaning Bleaching

Medium/severely discolored, broken, worn, cracked teeth
Bad shaped teeth
Discolored or broken old fillings
İll-matching old crowns

Composite filling
Laminate veneer
Porcelain crown

Misalignment of the teeth:
Crooked teeth
Gaps between teeth

Laminate veneer
Porcelain crown
Orthodontic treatment

Missing teeth

Bridge work
Dental implants

Gingival inflammation
Gummy smile

Treatment of the inflammation
Botulinum toxin injections

Very thin lips and lip deformities

Collagen filler injections

Bulky lower jaw muscle giving square face

Botulinum toxin injections

The incompatibility of the jaws with each other and with the face

Corrective jaw surgeries