Teeth Aligning

If you are unhappy to have misaligned teeth the good news is that it is now easier than ever to get a perfectly-aligned set of teeth. 

Classic braces that use a combination of brackets, arch wires and ligatures (elastic bands) are the first thing come to mind when you consider getting your teeth straightened. Traditional braces are certainly an effective treatment option but as orthodontic technology has developed, more options are available.

Clear aligners are a great alternative to classical braces. 

Clear aligners

This treatment option uses a series of removable custom-made plastic aligners to fit over your teeth. Aligners gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Every 2 to 3 weeks you’ll switch to a new set of aligners which build on the work of the previous ones.

Removable aligner systems have some obvious advantages over traditional  braces.

  • The aligners are thin, clear and unnoticeable to those around you. Invisible aligners are one of the most popular treatment options among adults as they are very discreet so won’t affect the appearance.
  • Braces used in traditional ortodontic treatment may irritate lips, cheeks and tongue. In comparison, since the contours of removable tooth aligners are typically smooth and rounded, they’re less irritating to soft tissues.
  • Traditional braces can make it difficult to floss and brush your teeth properly. Due to the removable nature of plastic tooth aligners, you can brush and floss normally, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. 

How wearing clear aligner affect your lifestyle?

Wearing braces won’t significantly affect your lifestyle. You will have to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day.  You simply take your appliances out when you eat. Having treatment doesn’t interfere with your normal diet, or how you consume it, at all.

The aligners are made of plastic and really need to maintain their form in order to move teeth. The hot beverage can distort your aligners. So you should refrain drinking hot beverages while wearing your aligners. 

How long will treatment take?

This depends on how much treatment you require. Some people may only need six months of treatment, but on average, aligners takes between 12 and 14 months.